Online Cheese and English Whiskey Tasting

Online Cheese and English Whiskey Tasting

If you love cheese half as much as we do then we know that you’ll love pairing tasty cheese with wine, beer and even whisky! That’s right, here in Wine School world, we don’t just talk about wine, we love celebrating all the tasty drinks especially if we get to pair them with cheese…

The Whiskies –

We’ve teamed up with Spirit of Yorkshire, a unique distillery on the North Yorkshire coast who grow their own barley, use their own brewery to create their ‘wash’ then finally distill that to create their very own single malt whisky.  Spirit of Yorkshire are one of a handful of distilleries seeking to create a quality dram right here in England, consulting with the late great Dr Jim Swan, they set up a fully functioning Whisky distillery in in 2012, filled their first casks in June 2016 and are now bearing the fruits of that endeavour.

Tonight, we’ll be tasting  4 wonderful whiskies from Spirit of Yorkshire with 4 cheeses (available from your local cheesemonger, or Waitrose), when you book on to the tasting we’ll send you a secret link to order a tasting pack of 4 whiskies and a special tasting glass from Spirit of Yorkshire for only £20!

We’ll also have a Meet The Maker Q&A with Spirit of Yorkshire’s very own Whisky Director Joe Clark. Joe will join us for the last half an hour of our Zoom session to tell you about life on the farm,down by the stills, and how they set up their unique ‘field to bottle’ distillery. He’ll talk you through the philosophy behind the 4 different expressions, and you can ask him all your questions- anything you’ve ever wondered about whisky, Joe is the man to ask!

The Cheeses-

Mature Gouda e.g. Old Amsterdam or Beemster deep, tangy and full of marmite-y goodness, you want a lovely mature Gouda to ensure maximum crunchy salt crystals mmmmm!

Roquefort  one of the most picante blue cheeses around, we are looking for that sharpness but also complex sweet, toffee flavours which come from long-aged examples

Comte  Alpine cheeses are made using a special technique of gently heating the curds which give the them a nutty, almost caramel sweetness.

Goat Gouda  Kileen although matured like a Gouda (above), this example made from goat’s milk produces a very different flavour profile; lemony and fresh like a soft goat’s cheese but with the smooth pasty texture and none of the sharpness.

On this night we'll be learning how to taste cheese and whisky individually as well as how to pair them together. We’ll touch on the production techniques for both to help you understand why they taste the way they do.
You can buy the board of cheeses from a local cheese supplier or most other big supermarkets will stock an example of all the cheeses mentioned too.

The price of £15 is per houshold, not per person. The price does not include the cost of the cheeses and whiskies.

If you also want to learn how to pair cheese with Wine, Beer & Gin you can join us for our 4 week course ‘Pair Cheese Like a Pro’ For details click here.

Places remaining: 10

Course Date/Time: Thu 30th Jul 2020 at 7.30pm -8.45pm

Duration: 1hr 15mins

Venue: Your Lounge

Event Price: £15.00







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